Artist Statement

In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic I was in lock down and needed an outlet to release my anxiety and depression. I started by taking online classes and practiced many hours each day and requested other artist’s feedback. I started with a pencil and quickly became drawn towards charcoal. The movement of charcoal through my fingertips or brush grants me the flexibility in my artistic expression.

I aspire to achieve joy and happiness in people through my art. I strive to reveal the persona and spirt of the subjects I draw. I present the subjects of my art with the intent of capturing the spirit, raw emotions, and inner struggles the average person experiences. The texture of the fur coat, expression in the beloved furry companion eyes; I believe could be very important in capturing the joy our pets give us and later the memories of our pets.

I strive to portray real life human struggles in my art as an instrument for those struggling with mental illness to seek help. I donate a portion of my profit to the Worthy Dog Rescue, located in Vienna, Virginia.

Jonathan Clingenpeel